Fish of local fishing boats :

whiting, mackerel, plaice, lemon sole, red gurnard, yellow gurnard, squid, vives, cod, pollack


Quality fresh fish products

Handmade fish fillets :

Fillets of :

blue ling, haddock, thuna, cod, red fish, orange rouffhy, pollack, catfish, grenadier, plaice, whiting, black halibut, saithe, greenland halibut

~ Thanks to the fleet of small coastal fishing boats and local fishing trawlers products we propose with the label "one day fishing boat" represent 90% of our french supplies ~


High value fish:

brill, turbot, sea bass, john dory, red mullet, dover sole, monkfish

Shellfish :

peri whinkles, scallop meat


Salting-smoking :

all of products

and specialities on request...